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Hello world,
This is Joshua Corwin or better known as (DDR122). This is my Official Website!
Take a look around and enjoy!


I'm going to write the following in the third person point of view:

Joshua Corwin is a 13 year old who enjoys Sport Stacking, Skateboarding, Baseball, Speedcubing, Dice Stacking, and hanging out with his friends. He was born in Illinois and grew up in a small town. Population no more than 5,000. It wasn't until the fall of 2006 that Josh was introduced to "Sport Stacking". They did sport stacking at his school as a Gym unit to improve hand-eye coordination, ambidexterity, and being able to challenge your brain with the sequences. Josh instantly fell in love with the sport but it wasn't until Febuary 1st 2007 when Josh got his first set of Blue speed stacks that came with a mat & timer. He practiced and practiced and improved. He then created a Youtube account Feb 17th 2007. He recorded himself sport stacking and uploaded the footage to Youtube. People started posting positive comments and that was an inspiration to Josh to continue to make videos. So it became a cycle. He sport stacked. He recorded his times. He uploaded to youtube. Recieved positive comments and so on and so on. It wasn't until October 20th 2007 that Josh competed in his first tournament. This took place in Attica New York. A very small town. He ended up breaking 2 over all IL state records. Since then he's competed in many other tournaments and currently holds the over all USA record for the timed 363 relay. He also holds 3 over all state records. So what's next? Josh decided to continue stacking and continue making videos and just go with the flow and see what happends. His words were "I don't like to plan things too much, I just do things and the outcome usually turns out great":)

This is me Sport Stacking the cycle. My time here was 6.71.This was filmed using an Apple Macbook's isight camera. This was also compressed in imovie HD for the best quality possible!